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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Advanced Beauty Secrets from Alice Carey

Yesterday I met up with Alice Carey in her secret garden courtyard in Greenwich Village. Alice was wearing a snappy vintage men's shirt which she accessorized with bakelite bangles and a silk white rose. After a wonderful cup of iced tea Alice and I went for a walk in the West Village, where we spotted Debra Rapoport. I asked the ladies about their summer style secrets. Check out the video below to hear about the importance of a great lipstick and cool layers.

Many of you have been asking that I share some of the beauty products used by the Advanced Style Ladies. Alice is most definitely a CLAIRINS girl, but she also partial to products by BOOTS the Chemist, UK that are now carried at Target. Her new favorites are Lift & Luminate day serum and night serum. As she is a writer, her beauty products don' stray too far from her beloved books. To check out some of Alice's writing on the Huffington Post CLICK HERE and her wonderful novel HERE. You can also find more great pictures of Alice in the Advanced Style book.


Secret Garden said...

She is amazing <3

Odyssey Home said...

Good advice, especially the lipstick..

d.h.e.r. said...

these ladies are fantastic. their style is like art work. though I agree on the whole lipstick thing, I'm yet to find a colour that works for me. really should start putting in the effort to find it, as it's such a great way to add extra colour.

Lauren@Styleseer said...

Love seeing Alice with her wonderful flame hair and colorful outfits!

Anonymous said...

Such joy.

Iya from Preemie Clothes for Girls said...

She's fabulous!Is she selling that items? My bf would like to know if that product will help him remove acne?

Sam said...

Just found your wonderful blog..I am hooked immediately. I would love to live in new york, and I think its such a lovely thing to focus on the stylist older generation xx

Love Sam x

Tracy @ Oceanside Body Treatment said...

These seems to be an amazing way to get that perfect look even at the old age, really an awesome blogpost.


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