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Friday, April 29, 2011

Advanced Style on Television

I was recently featured on the AARP produced "My Generation" television program along with some of the ladies from Advanced Style.The segment will air on PBS stations throughout the country, but feel free and enjoy the clip right here.

Zelda Kaplan at 94 Years Young

Yesterday I met with 94 year old Zelda Kaplan and asked her a few questions about life and style. Zelda is known for her wonderful outfits designed from fabrics she has collected all over the world.She loves going out on the town and can be found dancing at the some of the city's hippest clubs. Zelda told me that the key to staying young is, "You have to be healthy, one must be interested in the world, not in oneself only."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Richard and Carol

I ran into Richard and Carol over Easter weekend and they were looking as stunning as ever. Every time I see this dazzling couple they are wearing something more colorful and wonderful than the times before. Carol has volunteered to help me organize the Advanced Style book.I am so lucky to have such a talented woman on board.Aren't they just dreamy?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New York City Purple

Spring is here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

"I Don't Want to Stand Out,I Just Want to Dress Better Than Anyone Else"

Today I posted two shots of hair bows worn by ladies uptown.The second shot is of Mrs. Anne Marie Bullen. I asked Anne Marie a few questions about age and style. I hope you enjoy our short interview below.

Do you mind me asking your age?
"Up until 80 you lie about your age,after 80 you tend to brag. I am 85 years old."

Where do you get you style inspiration?
"I follow my mother's advice. She only had three outfits, but they were all very lovely.The best advice she gave me is that the shoulders have to fit just right."

How would you describe your style?
"I wear simple, formal clothes. I never wear pants. I don't dress up to impress anyone I just feel better. I don't want to stand out, I just want to dress better than anyone else."

Hair Bows

[Photos by Ari Seth Cohen]
This post is dedicated to Maira Kalman, one of my favorite writers and artists. In her book, The Principles Of Uncertainty, she included wonderful photos of people from behind. I was inspired to take the photos above after seeing the shots she took in the Hermitage, of a woman with a bow in her hair(below). Hair bows are a great way to add some charm and style to an already fashionable hairdo.

[Photos by Maira Kalman]

Friday, April 22, 2011

Classic Style on a Windy Day

I saw this stunning woman by 5th Avenue and asked if I could take her photo. The last couple days have been very windy in New York, but that doesn't stop the advanced style set from dressing up. I asked the lady above if she had any style tips to share and her advice was, "Stick to the classics. You can pair amusing accessories with classic clothing."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Conversation with The Voodoo Cafe

While I'm out shooting for the book today, I thought you'd like to check out my podcast with Rice from the blog Notes From The Voodoo Cafe . We talked about aging, style, and how to approach someone on the street for a photograph. I hope you enjoy our conversation and I look forward to hearing your comments.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Awakening

The ladies of Advanced Style have seen trends come and go and although they tend not to rely on passing fads, they are definitely aware of what's current. It looks like Spring is all about orange and you know advanced style fashionistas aren't afraid of a little color. Check out Mary's latest blog post HERE to read her take on the orange craze.

On another note, I am excited to report that I am working on an Advanced Style book set to come out Spring 2012. Between now and August I'll be shooting up a storm, so if you know any older ladies with great style in New York City, email at .

Tom Wolfe's Style Advice

If I could dress like any gentleman in New York it would be Tom Wolfe. I asked if I could take his photo and told him that I wished I dressed half as good as he does. He gave me some great pointers in the video below.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Gorgeous Gloves

I love when I ask someone if I can take their photograph and they proudly announce their age.I saw this stunning woman walking up Madison Avenue and after complimenting her gloves, I asked  if I could take her photo. She replied, "I'm 86" and said that although she doesn't usually stop for photos on the street that it sounded like a cute idea. I started a page on Advanced Style with photos of other women who aren't afraid to tell their age, CLICK HERE to check it out.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Curiosity is the Key to a Long and Happy Life

I asked this woman, in her 80s what they key to living a long full life is and she responded with one word, "Curiosity."

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Advanced Style Video:Lynn Dell The Countess of Glamour

Here is Lina Plioplyte's latest video for Advanced Style featuring Lynn Dell, owner of the Off Broadway Boutique. I hope you enjoy these small clips as much as we enjoy putting them together.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mary's Blog

Get ready because one of your favorite Advanced Style gals has started her very own blog. Mary will be writing about the joys of retirement and all of the fun she is having reading, going to art shows, and of course shopping.Check out her first post HERE or click on Meows by Mary below the header. You can also email her at with any question you may have.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Stylish Cane

This stunning 90 year old lady told me that she turned in her "old lady cane" to buy this much more beautiful model. She said, " I don't want an old lady cane, what a downer." Style doesn't end at a certain age and neither does an interest in beautiful product design. Check out OMHU for beautiful products designed to support people's abilities as they change through life.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Central Park Style

I was walking by Central Park this weekend when I spotted this lady from across the street. Many of the ladies I interview tell me that they dress depending on their mood, on the weather, and wherever it is that they are going. This lady looks perfectly chic for a Saturday trip to the park.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ilona Royce Smithkin and her Mermaids

Today I went to visit my friend, 91 year old Ilona Royce Smithkin, to take a look at her mermaid drawings. Ilona has been drawing mermaids for about two years and she would like to make a book of them someday. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you are interested in purchasing one email me at and I'll contact Ilona for you.

Christophe de Menil

I shot this portrait of designer and art collector, Christophe de Menil for a jewelry series on Christophe, 78, designed the pieces above as part of a collection based on sea creatures. She told me that she is inspired by, " Real things that have scary aspects, things that are insanely wonderful". Check out more of Christophe de Menil's inventive designs at .

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fine Details

I took this photo by Columbia University this past weekend. I love this gentleman's hat,coat and shined up shoes. If you look closely you can see part  of his argyle ascot peeking through the coat. I think he looks an old movie star, do you?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Interview With an 80 year old Blogger

Rita Marcus, a blogger in her 80s, proves you are never too old to learn about new technology.I met Rita while in London for my project with Selfridges last Summer. She told me about her wonderful blog and I have been a fan ever since. I recently interviewed this style savvy tech wiz about her life as a blogger and more below:

How old are you and when did you start blogging?

I am now in my eighties and started blogging just over four years ago.

How has starting a blog changed your life, affected the way you communicate with people?
I think that I have certainly acquired more confidence since starting my blog and as such am able to relate to people far more easily than before.

What are your thoughts on aging? Can you offer any advice for those worried about growing "old"?
I think that ageing is only a name like age is just a number. Time goes by so quickly that we really don't see , or rather can't believe any change.

Do you mind the word old, if so what a better alternative?

Personally, I would rather be called an "elegant lady" than an "old lady".

How would you define style?
I really think that one is born with Style. You either have it or you don't! However, in retrospect, I suppose one learns from their mistakes. But at my time of life a quieter, simpler approach to style is far smarter.

What are the secrets to remaining young at heart?
As far as I am concerned I really believe that it's my lovely family that keeps me "young at heart". If you think about it, I have grown up with them all!

Truth is, I have never lost my sense of humour!

You look amazing, can you share your " top ten beauty and lifestyle secrets with us?
Ari, you want to know what are my top ten beauty and lifestyle secrets are. Well, I suppose I still have a great interest in life and the people around me. I like to dress sensibly without going over the top. I do try to live sensibly .Be sure to get a good night's sleep, drink lots of water, and alcohol in moderation.

Tell me a little bit about your relationship with technology. What electronic devices do you use on a daily weekly basis and do you keep up to date with new innovations?

I have left this question till last as the answers are endless! I have had a computer now for over ten years and at first used it for just sending and receiving emails. I now use the Internet daily and have made many friends world-wide. I Skype friends both at home and abroad, and do a lot of shopping too on the internet. If I wish, I can travel the world too on the Internet! And, of course, I have my BLOG (V.O.G)However, may I say that none of this would have been possible without the help of my dear son Stephen. He has been my mentor from the very beginning He has taught me all I know and has always had confidence in me, particularly at times when I was at the point of giving up.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Glamour at The Grocery Store

We all have excuses as to why we can't dress up at a particular moment, but this woman is proof that you can dress stylishly even while grocery shopping. I saw her at Trader Joe's and asked if I could take her photograph. She told me that she was only dressed for shopping, but I assured her that she looked just marvelous. If you're in rush throw take a cue from the lady above. Throw on a great pair of shades and a stylish scarf and you're ready to go!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Eye-Catching On The Upper East Side

This  woman was  leaving a cafe on the Upper East Side when I asked if I could take her photo. I told her that I loved her style and she told me that she dresses like this all the time. I love the way she coordinates her hat,scarf,and accessories. Her outfit is the perfect example of Advanced Style, it's elegant unique and fun. What is your favorite part about this outfit? 

Check out her amazing lace wrist bands and bangles.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

West Village Style

I was looking out the window on a taxi ride to the West Village, when I spotted this gorgeous lady. I always see people I'd like to photograph through the windows of taxis and buses, but I usually don't get the chance to stop and jump out. I knew that this was an opportunity for a great shot so I asked the driver to pull over and quickly ran down the street to meet up with the lady above.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Advanced Style in The Block Magazine

The Block Magazine teamed up with Advanced Style to cast our good friend Lynn Dell in a gorgeous editorial featuring some of the latest vintage inspired sunglasses.Since I started this blog I have seen a growing number of older models being used in campaigns and editorials. It's great to see the advanced style set getting the attention they deserve!


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