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Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Don't Retire-Retread Your Tires."

I came across this wonderful video interview of Lucy Jarvis, while researching her for a story I am shooting. She has such a great take on life and aging. Lucy believes that life doesn't stop at 65, in fact it just keeps getting more fun. My favorite things she says is ," Don't Retire-Retread Your Tires." She is a great inspiration and I can't wait to photograph and interview her next week.


dhyana said...

Yipes. Someone should tell that interviewer to not point.

gratis total said...

In love with this great style! kilogrames of attitude!

kisses from Spain

Lou said...

That voice! Rich and chocolaty and elegant and vibrant. The voice of a right dame. I hope to get to see the documentary she's working on, and I hope she'll be the narrator.

Anonymous said...

I am 23 years old but absolutely love this blog- keep up the great work and continue to share stories and advice from such inspiring individuals.

One Woman's Thoughts said...

I am smiling. Lovely.

umanbn said...

I love your blog and i also love glamorous old ladies...I'm always on the look-out for old people to paint and sketch and some of these are just perfect. Old people have so much more interest to them. Your already on my favourites list.....thank you..:)


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