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Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Cheer

These two were peering at the jewelry displays on 5th avenue when I asked them for a photo. They look like a perfect Winter duo ready to take on the cold and some serious Holiday shopping.


Lindsey M Nelson said...

you are killing me slowly with the awesomeness of this blog. ;)

I have one question... at what point/age do you consider one to be "advanced"?

Mim said...

You've caught their kind attentive expressions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ari!

How lovely! Individually and together they are just sublime. Great style and attitude, with a sweetness that defies description.

Best, J.

r l n ! said...

Were they holding hands? It always touches my heart when i see silver-haired couples still romantically involved...and just holding each other's hand is such a dear and precious form of endearment.


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