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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Classic and Cool

This guy is a total class act. He caught my eye as he passed quickly by so I ran back to ask him if I could snap a photo of his awesome style!


smilla said...

He reminds me of an actor who I dressed 2 years ago in exactly the same style. (Whithout the moustache.) Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ari!

I especially love the composition of the second photo. Really nice.

Best, J

kim J said...

too cool for school

Clothes Are Cute

r l n ! said...

Total is right. i don't see much of that here in my part of town -- San Diego. We dress up for church, but "up" for us San Diegans is still casual, compared to the slickly put-togetherness of this gentleman. And though i am getting close to the ages of these wonderfully dressed Advanced Style ladies and gents, mylifestyle (bush woman from FIJI) is such that i don't have the inclination to dress this way.

But i sure like looking at how the other world dresses :)

Lindsey M Nelson said...

Now why can't I get my husband to dress like this! That guy is smokin'!


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