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Friday, August 21, 2009

A Summer Wedding

[ Photo by MISTER MORT]
I saw this woman while shopping at a flea market. She was just on her way home from a wedding when she noticed the sale. We started chatting and I snapped of few shots of her beautifully coordinated look.


stylo said...

first of all, I love this blog -- it's a bit of sunshine in my daily slog!

but, it's crochet, not macrame. (but still awesome!)

Dragonfly said...

Oooh! Lovin that skirt! She looks stunning!!
Cheers, Karen

all that sparkles might be sequins said...

i hope too be this fabulous when i'm a senior :)

Annika said...

A truly lovely ensemble! I love that gorgeous crocheted skirt.

On the subject of macrame, I've noticed a fashion trend recently where designers like Ralph Rucci and Lorenzo Riva have begun including macramed panels in gowns and tops. There's also a retrospective on Mary McFadden in Washington D.C.; she used macrame to great effect in some of her timeless pieces.
If it holds any interest for you, check out my blogposts on this subject at:

style odyssey said...

her skirt is heavenly. i love the monochrome off-white; it really suits her skin tone.


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