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Monday, September 29, 2008

Wild Combination

I met this woman on the street after seeing the new documentary about Arthur Russell, "Wild Combination" (I highly recommend it). The thin orange lines in her windowpane pants, her orange sweater, scarf, blush, and even her hair are a wild combination in their own right.

Classic Couple

These two caught my eye with the simple ease of their looks, and what I really love about them is how well their style translates. Transplant them to Scotland, Poland, Arizona, or Chicago and they'd be just as convincing. When I complimented their style, they said "If you only knew how many people have stopped us and told us that over the years!".

Reader Submission

Good friend and make up artist Joanna Lily says, "These photos were taken while I was shooting in Chinatown on Mulberry street. The first one, the guy was just walking by as we were shooting, the other lady was standing in an alley watching us work. Note the matching umbrella!"


Advanced Style maven "Madison Beehive" told us about "Koos", one of her favorite places to shop, so we headed over to check it out. We were lucky to meet Puck, the owner of the shop, who chatted with us for awhile about her older customers and the couture clothing they buy in her shop.

Puck, the owner of Koos, standing in front of her exclusive atelier

The boutique carries exclusive, one of a kind pieces designed by Koos van den Akker - a New York based designer known for designing Dr. Huxtable's sweaters on the Cosby Show in the 80's. Like the sweaters that made him famous, his couture clothing is known for its theme of bright color and pattern combinations. As Puck explained, his clothing is especially popular with older women who have had time to develop their style and look to this exclusive atelier for something special to add to their wardrobes.

For more about Koos and his design inspirations, check out, and stop by the shop at 1263 Madison Avenue in New York to see his work. Thank you, Puck, for your help, and thanks to Madison Beehive for telling us about the shop!

Koos van den Akker
[photo from]

cosby1.jpg cosby2.jpg
Original Koos van den Akker Cosby sweaters
[photo from]

Koos's mother (right), an inspiration for his designs
[photo from "Koos: Couture Collage" by Linda Chang Teufel]

Madison Beehive

This woman's striking hair immediately caught my eye - the color and beehive updo look impeccable. Her style is simple peasant and urban chic all wrapped into one, and the straw shopping bag ties everything together. With the flowers in the background, she looks straight out of a Sunday morning European market scene; a good look.

Check out the above post for her shopping advice...

Lauren at Lunch

I was lucky enough to meet Lauren Hutton yesterday on my way to the West Village. She was about to sit down for a meal when I asked if I could have a photo of her. I've always admired the way that she mixes classic and tailored elements and at 64 her status as a style icon is still relevant today. Check Erika's Article for more photos of Hutton.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reader Submission

We just received these great photos from German actor Alexander Beyer. He promised to send more with some background information about the subjects, but for now we can marvel at the spectacular shots. He did mention that the top photo was taken in Rome 2008 and that the Ferrari belongs to the woman shown in the picture.

Pink Plaid

All pink, all plaid, with white tennis shoes and perfect make-up to match.

Suzanne Golden, Bead Artist

Pam of shared a great article from New York Magazine's The Look. Bead artist, Suzanne Golden, has a unique and vibrant look that makes her stand out. She says, "It’s taken all my life to be comfortable with my taste and style". Click here for the rest of the interview.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Reader Submission from Flying Saucer

Fellow blogger Selina Jervis of Flying Saucer, from the UK, just sent us this great photo. Thanks, Selina! Check out her website and click here for the story behind her photo.

Put On Your Housecoat

What's so remarkable about this lady is that she makes a pink housecoat and thin floral dress look very chic by adding a few stylish accessories. Her strong presence and confident pose encompass so much of what I love about Advanced Style.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Smile Is Style

This woman has a stunning outfit and makes bold colors look elegant, but my favorite thing about her look is her smile. There are a million quotes about the worth of a smile, but to me this picture says it all.

Nightlife Sensation

At 92, Zelda Kaplan is still partying the night away and enjoying life to the fullest. Kaplan, known for her philanthropist work promoting women's rights in Africa, was recently featured on Blackbook's blog (picture above) featuring some of New York's most famous night owls. Check the video below to learn more about Zelda's life and her wonderful African apparel.

Splash of Color

I met Gloria at the bus stop on the corner of Houston and 6th ave. I really enjoyed how she mixed a more conservative pleated dress with fun accessories, including her shocking pink baseball cap and brightly colored scarf. These playful elements add a little pizazz to her look.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Casually Chic

I am definitely a fan of irreverent and flashy style, but sometimes the most simple outfits makes a person look crisp and clean. This outfit is perfect for a trip to the grocery store and a walk in the park.
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Reader Submission (Red Hot Polka)

Los Angeles based photographer Janicza M. Bravo sent me this picture that she snapped at the corner of Fairfax and Beverly. Thanks so much for contributing, I love to see examples of Advanced Style from around the globe.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Listen To This

I found this great video while looking around on YouTube and found some background information on a site called Time Goes By. Ronni Bennett, the site author, explains:

"A group of about 40 elders, ranging in age from 78 to 99 and calling themselves The Zimmers, have recorded The Who’s tune, My Generation, at the historic Abbey Road studio in London. The video is one of the latest hits on YouTube. Lead singer, 90-year-old Alf Caretta, told the BBC:

“I can't believe this is happening. For me to have recorded a song in the same studio as the Beatles is just so exciting. I feel like the whole experience has brought me back to life. I was stuck in a rut and now I feel alive again.”

Hope you all enjoy!

Sunday Brunch

I caught this woman out of the corner of my eye when I was ordering brunch, and had to ask her for a photo. Although my shot has some pretty bad lens flare, I couldn't keep this one from you. She looked beautiful for a Sunday afternoon, and made my brunch even better.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Style Inspiration

I definitely find eccentric fashion very interesting, especially coming from the Advanced Style set. Thanks to and Blog polkadots-vodkashots for introducing me to Anna Piaggi, stylel writer for Italian Vogue and good friend of Karl Lagerfeld.

Stylish Sitter

I saw this guy on my way to meet up with a friend for lunch. I am always drawn in by people's hats and this fellow had a particularly beautiful one. If you take a look closer you can also see his heart printed suspenders. His wife asked me why I was taking his picture and I responded, " How could I not when he looks this good." He also told me that he has much better hats at home.Hopefully I'll catch him again with one of his grander head adornments.
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rita from Roma

Rita looked stunning walking down Park Avenue this evening with her friends. Her feminine skirt and blazer look great with her booties, oversize hat, and golden accessories. All the way from Roma!

American Portrait

When we told this couple how great they look together, the gentleman replied, "Well, we've only been married for 58 years!". He also told us that "it's all a matter of choosing your grandparents carefully". They are an adorable pair, and wear those 58 years very well.

Mia Berner

Click Here for more information about "the lady in red" originally posted on September 4th. Hanneli was kind enough to share some additional information about writer, Mia Berner. Check below to watch a video of this amazing woman, unfortunately I couldn't find a video in English, but it will give you a good look into her great style.

Red Squares

What first drew me to this lady were her over sized green sunglasses and chic pinstriped pantsuit. When I looked more closely, I noticed two red squares stitched onto the right cuff of her pants. She was in a hurry to catch the bus, so I never did find out about the mysterious red symbols, but they definitely add some unique design to her look.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank You!

Lately, Advanced Style has been getting some great attention from other websites. Many new readers have found our site because of this. We'd like to say "Thanks!" and show our readers some of the articles that have been written about us...

Thanks for mentioning us, guys!

Advanced Style


When we met Lucy, she was enjoying a conversation with friends on a park bench. When asked for her photo, she told us that it wasn't a problem; she gets asked for her photo all the time. Her only request was that we send a hard copy. When I asked about her style inspirations, she said she just wears what she wants to wear, she's not trying to follow any kind of fashion or style. Trying or not, she hits the mark.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Music Lady

Oftentimes Briana and I will see someone from afar and know that we just have to go up and talk to them. A big part of what we seek to do with this site is to expose the public to some of the city's hidden treasures. This woman is a piano teacher and she harmoniously plays different colors and patterns against each other. Her yellow headband is what really stood out to me, but once she started talking her awesome personality quickly stole the show.

Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road

I was very excited when my friend Dusty told me about an incredible short film he thought I would love called, Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road. In the short Eric Smith, a New yorker vacationing in South Beach, meets Irene Williams whose colorful handmade outfits immediately catch his eye. After approaching her and spending some time asking about her designs, they become quick friends. This friendship lasted nine years and many of their special moments, including a trip to the mall, going out to to tea and visiting Irene's hat filled apartment are captured on film.

I was extremely impressed with Irene's creative expression and the importance that her personal style played in her life.Look below for a clip from the movie and for more information check out the official website.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bow Ties and Buttons

You may have noticed from photos of Ari that he is a big fan of bow ties. The paisley one, above, really works for this man. The broccoli pins on his lapels also make this a very special look (on the right is a broccoli floret with a face, and on the left, his pin states "Listen to Your Mom, Eat Your Vegetables"). Add well-groomed 'stache, ear-piercings, and hat, and you've got style.

Devilishly Chic

What do you call a union between a Tasmanian man and a French woman? Devilishly Chic. I was close to calling it a day as dusk fell on Union Square, when this magical couple floated by. I couldn't resist a photo and a chat with this interesting pair.

They both taught at CUNY for many years. She, being from France, taught French culture and literature. He is originally Tasmanian and taught botany there. As a sometime freelance writer, he could relate to my love of photography and writing, and advised me on the perils of such a career. Afterwards, he referred me to his website:

Turns out, he is quite an accomplished man. Dr. Ronald Gatty, or "The Spice Man", is the father of Fiji's spice industry! He has a terrific personal history that you can check out on his website [click here], including his time spent exploring the south seas for medicinal plants, and that he's the son of the first man to fly an aeroplane around the world. So cool!

Gatty invented the original Spice Girls - the young ladies who hand-pollinate vanilla bean flowers in Fiji (above)

One last observation: You know those hip headbands that have come back in style lately? Look close. I'm pretty sure she pioneered that trend.


I saw this lady on the bus this morning and thought she looked really unique. Her braids and baseball cap give her a look all her own. She also colorfully mixes floral patterns to create a canvas of cool. Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I had to snap her with my phone.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Layered Ladies

Check out these fresh looks. These ladies are delightfully coordinated with their multi layered floral skirts and matching socks. Zoom in on the lady to the right and take a closer peek at the rhinestones adorning her sandals.


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