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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Norwegian Couple

Our good friend and contributor Hanneli Mustaparta, took these grand photos while on a shoot for a Norwegian magazine. She says,"On our way from the hotel we were based for the day, I bumped into this lovely couple. They had been enjoying lunch at Dagligstuen, which is a lovely place to hang out during the day and belongs to the hotel."


kpriss said...

... I don't get it! I've read about your blog so many times, on so many different blogs, I finally come see the story about your blogging glory, it's beautiful, I love it, I'm absolutely going to come back... but! there's no comment (almost!) :( Why'z that? :(

Anonymous said...

I find my selves not always leaving comments on different web-pages. I mostly browse other peoples comments. I just got an epiphany, I should leave more comments where I pass through. Btw i love this picture, they are so so cute. I love his pen in his pocket, and the fun colors.

NJTomboy said...

OK! THEY are great!

Anonymous said...

Heia Oslo!
I like the way he has buttoned his jacket - I do stuff like that on purpose, but I'm not sure he did! Even better :-)


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